Sunday, 15 October 2017

Hi I'm here to share my funny childhood memory with you.

Early Sunday morning, off we set with our picnic in the car and the sun scorching down on us. We were off on a big expedition with the Fairbairn’s on the Waipara steam train.

When we arrived on the platform the Fairbairns were already there and on the train (they are normally late, but we were the late ones this time)

We hopped on the open carriage with them while Dad went to get the tickets. We were so excited and being on a train on an open carriage was extra exciting.

Dad come out of the ticket office 5 minutes later and said the tickets were sold out. Oh no, oh no!!!  Mum said, “what do you mean, go and tell them we are already on the train and are with friends that already have tickets”

Off Dad went again to talk to the man a the ticket counter. 5 minutes later he came back and said, no tickets available. Oh my this is bad!! We got up early, packed a picnic and are here with our friends ready for a big fun day out.

Mum said, “that's crazy, I phoned and they told me there would be no problem getting tickets” So off mum went to talk to the ticket man.

Back she came 5 minutes later with tickets. Hooray. We were like mum what did you say?, how did you get tickets?? She said she smiled the right way at the man.
The train tooted and a big puff of steam came up and off the train puffed. It was so cool being outside but we very quickly released we were going to be rather black by the time we got home as the coal steam from the train came straight back over us.

Mum was in white jeans, haha, not white for long. And we all got black faces.

What a fun day we had thanks to mums smile. And yummy picnic.

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