Wednesday, 21 June 2017

High ropes

High ropes
I felt terrified. I volunteered to be the example. I was happy that I chose to do that because I wanted to get the nerves out of the way.
Me and my Group went somewhere new once I had got down which was the rope ladder. I Was first again, I was disappointed because I couldn't go further as I wasn't tall enough to reach the other plank of wood.
Then I started belaying for Jessika. I knew she was in safe hands, what could go wrong when she had 3 people holding her so she couldn't fall. Then I was backup belaying for Jasiah.
We then went back to the one we had started on which was the one with the buoys. I felt a lot more confident this time, I didn't look down at all. When I made it to the middle I jumped on the buoy and sang wrecking ball.
After I came down I felt a lot better because I had achieved my goal of getting further.
I was still a little disappointed that I didn’t get to have a turn on the Giants ladder.

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